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Problem gambling affects many people around the world. Learn about the symptoms, the impact on society, and treatments for problem gambling. Learn the prevalence of problem gambling in Canada. Also, learn about how to recognize if you or a loved one may be experiencing problem gambling. The effects of gambling are widespread and can range from mild to severe. If you have problems with gambling, seek help. Here are some tips:

Problem gambling

Problem gambling is a serious social issue that can have devastating consequences for the person who is affected. Problem gamblers may lose interest in hobbies, careers, and personal relationships. These individuals may even experience social isolation. The ‘high’ they get from gambling is so powerful that regular life isn’t appealing to these people. Arguments and strained relationships can result from the behavior. Problem gamblers may become isolated because of shame, guilt, and borrowing money.

Treatment options

There are many treatment options for people suffering from gambling addiction. These options range from professional counseling to self-help groups to medications. If you are aware that you may be dealing with co-occurring issues, your doctor may prescribe a combination of medications or therapy for your specific case. In any case, if you seek professional help early enough, you can stop the addiction in its tracks. There is no shame in seeking help for your problem.

Prevalence of problem gambling in Canada

During the past decade, there have been numerous studies analyzing the prevalence of problem gambling in Canadians. A number of them have used clinical samples of problem gamblers to develop measures of gambling addiction. Despite these limitations, the Canadian Problem Gambling Index (CPGI) was developed and validated in a cross-section of the general population. The CPGI measures the prevalence of problem gambling in Canada and measures the adverse consequences associated with problem gambling.

Impact of problem gambling on society

There are numerous impacts of gambling, including both negative and positive effects on individuals, society, and the economy. These impacts are categorized as economic, social, labor, and health and well-being costs. While the majority of these costs and benefits are not monetary, some are not easily ignored, such as those that are personal, interpersonal, or community-based. Ultimately, the social costs and benefits of gambling are overwhelmingly positive.

Symptoms of problem gambling

Problem gambling is a serious condition that can severely impact a person’s life. It causes significant financial and emotional damage. Symptoms of problem gambling can range from missing deadlines to poor work quality. In some cases, problem gamblers even commit crimes, including embezzlement and theft. They use their gambling habit as a primary means to access illegal gambling funds. Problem gambling often goes undetected for years and is often a silent addiction.